it ​is the practice of massaging all parts of the body using 100% organic oil by Inti Bali. Massaging the muscles will expedite blood circulation and fix functioning of body glands. It is also very useful for relaxation and relieving stress. Aiso you able to choose one from five difference aroma oil


Traditionl Japanese massage refers to the use of the fingers and palms to apply pressure to particular section on the body, in order to correct its imbalances, and to maintain and improve general health. It also relieves stress, headache or other disruptions caused by muscles that are too tense, and fixes twisted ​muscles caused by wrong position during exercise or sleep.  


combining Traditional Thai Massage technique, this therapy of massaging the body using the hands and feet is useful for initiating muscle stretches that the patient cannot do by him or herself. It also fixes inappropriate body posture caused by wrong position while doing daily activities.



It is the practice of massaging, squeezing and pushing the feet using fingers, in order to encourage a beneficial effect on other parts of the body or to improve general health. The purpose of this practice is to expedite blood circulation, so it relieves the ache and swelling of the feet caused by too much standing or walking. ​​​​​





meaning see through in Japanese. Reiki master Mr. Michael is able to see through the past and future. If you seek to his advice for your future he can tell you some advice for your future. This serves only inside package S, (need Reservation)



​It is the practice of massage using a scrub from Bali Tangi 100% organic scrub that removes old skin cells and other dirt and oil from the outermost layer of the skin. The scrub exfoliates your skin by unclogging pores and removing the dead cells to expose your skin’s newer, healthier layers.



Reiki is oriental energy treatment. adjust and compensate for the energy balance of the body. we have reiki master by Mr Michael only he doing the reiki. Reiki make your mental and physical things stabilize. you will feel  warm and good energy from  his hand. If you have problem in the your body, just try it. Reiki will treatment your body problem. ​


Head massage is  improve blood circulation in the scalp. help for effect of preventing hair loss stimulate hair growth. also good for brain and optic nerve. After head massage you feel exhilarating head. Head massage is ont only head, massage also neck and shoulders.

It is a body scrub from ancient times in Bali. Health promotion and treatment of disease have been used for the main purpose. We call boleh which we grind and sprinkle several kinds of spices which can be taken in Bali such as ginger, etc. into a paste. cure the discomfort of the body by improving the flow of blood circulation and lymph by the efficacy of spice that paints it on body. There is make sweating, so we can expect detox effect. It is perfect for those who suffer from skin problems.
Put warm stones at each part of the body to stimulate acupoints It is a therapy that warms the body.
Always move the hot stone with using oil, Recovery of muscle fatigue and improvement of blood circulation are effective in various aspects. Far infrared ray come out from the warm stone, warmth is transmitted deep into the body. Hot stone massage  is promotion of metabolism 3 to 5 times more than only hand massage treatment.
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